Daily Schedule

Every day of the course, except for the final day, will have four sessions, lasting 1:30h each. Between each session, there will be a 30-minute break. The table below shows the start and end times of each session, specified in Florence time (CET).

Event Begins Ends
First session 9:00 10:30
Second session 11:00 12:30
Lunch 12:30 14:00
Third session 14:00 15:30
Fourth session 16:00 17:30
On the final day of the summer school, Friday, there will be a special schedule in order to present certificates of attendance and to accommodate those who will be leaving early. The fourth session will be replaced by two events:

  • 15:30-16:30 Presentation of Certificates of Attendance
  • 16:30-17:00 Refreshments and farewells